Gainsight Community Guidelines Revised

  • 15 December 2015
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Hello Everyone! Welcome to


Gainsight is a community of real people who are passionate

about customer success. Here they collaborate on answers, solutions, and ideas

about the products and services they love — and the ones they wish were better.

We invite you to make your mark here, but we do have a few rules.

At the bottom of this page you will find a full list of

practices for using the Gainsight Community, but here are a few quick tips and

tricks for using Community.


When creating your account be sure to use your real name and

your work email. You can set up a personal email if you want after, but this

helps us to identify which company you work with.


We are a community that wants to help and be helped! So go

ahead and post your crazy question. Know the answer to that question? Help a

fellow member out! Stay active and get answers, be sure to "like" things as well! It can help show the most helpful answer in a post.


You know how you would like to be treated, so go ahead and

treat others the same way. Remember there are no stupid questions, so be kind

and help everyone out.


Please don’t post the same topic multiple times or post

links to your own personal website (unless it would help).


Don’t make more accounts to harass others or spam, try to

cheat the system or the guidelines in any way.

Points: For an explanation on how to get points check out this guide:

To read a complete list of all of these guidelines scroll down to read

the rest!


Be your awesome self When setting up

your account, edit your profile to include a photo and your position title.

People will respect you more, engage with you more often, and treat you like a

real person if you use your actual identity. We’re into transparency, honesty,

and truth. Don’t misrepresent yourself or lie about your identity,

affiliations, or age. This community is based on the contributions of real

people who put their reputations on the line. Be one of them. Ask tough

questions and reward the candor of others.

Win friends and influence people Get noticed! Connect with people, talk

about what matters to you and share your knowledge and experiences. We will

reward our top contributors with Gainsight swag. Don’t be afraid to show what

you’re passionate about.

Golden rule Conversation is an essential part

of our community. All we ask is that those conversations stay honest and

considerate. Don’t post obscene, hateful, or objectionable content. Don’t post

personal information. Don’t post copyrighted content without permission. A healthy

debate can take place without ever attacking people personally. Think about

that when responding to others, and ask yourself the question: Is this how I

would want to be treated? Please always have respect for our shared space and

the other folks visiting it.

Don’t spam It’s okay to talk up the products or services you love (or

sell), but only if it’s relevant to the conversation. If you’re here to plant a

ton of links to your Web site without doing much else, your posts are likely to

be removed by a moderator.

Be fruitful, but don’t multiply Don’t create multiple accounts to

violate these guidelines, game the system, or harass and deceive other users.


you for considering these rules, which are, themselves, carefully considered.

As with any community, it’s up to each of us to create and participate in open

conversations that can bring us together. (Written by Emily McDaniel)


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