Community Migration FAQs - Oct. 2019

  • 21 October 2019
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Community Migration FAQs - Oct. 2019
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Q: Why do I have to change my password on the new Community site?

A: Since passwords are encrypted, we can’t migrate this data to the new platform. Please update your password after the new site is live.


Q: What if I don’t know my username? 

A: No problem! When you request a password reset, the email will include your username. Usernames on the new Community are not email addresses. They’re usually a combination of your first and last name, such as marie_curie. 


Q: Can I update the email address or username associated with my profile?

A: Yes, please email with your new email address or username and we can update it for you.


Q: Will all of my posts and points be migrated to the new Community site? 

A: All of the posts, comments, status, and profiles will be migrated to the new site. The new Community doesn’t use a points system, but it does offer ranks and badges. We tried to ensure that everyone has the same rank as on the old Community, and can continue working up the ranks based on your activities.


Q: Did URLs for individual Community posts change?

A: Yes, but good news! We’ve mapped all of the old URLs to the new ones, so if you’ve bookmarked a link or click a link in an older post, it should gracefully redirect you.


Q: What happened to my email notifications and category follows?

A: Since we consolidated the categories and created some new ones, you need to Subscribe to the categories you’re interested in following on the new Community. We strongly recommend that everyone subscribe to Product News & Updates, but take a look at the other categories too! 


Q: Can I respond to a specific comment on a post?

Yes, you can use the “Citation” option to respond to a specific comment. You can also @mention other members using their username. Usernames are displayed next to the member’s photo. 


Q: Why did Gainsight switch Community platforms?

A: We are excited to a switch to a new platform with benefits that include:

  • Improved search functionality and smarter results based on popularity and status of posts

  • Ability to send direct messages to other Community members

  • End user views for Idea posts with the most votes, by status, most views, most replies, and newest

  • Quick access to views of your own posts and replies

  • Easier navigation from one category to another on the home page

  • Simplified categories for discussions and product feedback


Q: Who should I contact if I have Community login problems, or any other Community feedback?

A: Email

Q: What are the key differences in end user functionality between the old and new Gainsight Community platforms?


  • You can Subscribe to posts that you want to be notified of updates to.

  • You can Vote for Idea posts. The “likes” from our old platform appear as “votes” in the new system.

  • You can use the Quote option to reference an earlier comment in the post.

  • In Question and Discussion posts, you can view the replies by Newest, Oldest, or Best voted.

  • Moderators can mark replies to Questions as the “Best Answer”.

  • Idea posts can only be posted to Idea categories (eg. CS Product Ideas, PX Product Ideas). 

  • Questions and Discussions must be posted to categories that support these post types (eg. Surveys & NPS Discussions, Reporting Discussions, PX Discussions, etc.)

  • You can’t associate a post (ie. cross-post) with more than one category.

Q: How are ranks awarded? 

A: The new system does not award points. Instead, we have a rank system which allows us to acknowledge members for increasing levels of activity on the Community (posting, replying, etc.). You will see the ranks next to your name and on your profile. We’ll also be rolling out new badges to recognize members for helping others, presenting at Gainsight events, authoring popular feedback requests, etc. More info to come!


Q: Why can’t I post to multiple categories?

A: We’ve simplified our category structure to make it easier to navigate and find relevant content; and the new system only allows posts to be shared in one category. Please pick the one that best fits the content of your post.


Q: Why are some posts seemingly mis-categorized?

A: Since folks in the past often associated their post with multiple categories, there’s still more manual review to do. We’ll be reviewing and doing some final tweaking of post and category assignments over the next several weeks.


Q: Where do I post product feedback or requests now?

A: There are three main product feedback categories for each of the Gainsight products: CS, RO, and PX. Use the CS Ideas, RO Ideas, or PX Ideas categories if you want to share product feedback or requests. For all other questions, discussions, and best practices, you can use the specific CS feature discussion categories, or PX Discussions, or RO Discussions.


Q: Where am I on the leaderboard?

A: Our new leaderboard is setup to encourage everyone, including our newest members, to participate by focusing on the most recent activity. To begin, we’ve configured it to show the top 6 people for the last 7 days. Let us know what you think by emailing or commenting here.

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@lila_meyer Thanks for publishing, this helps!

Bumping this to the top, this helps!


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@lila_meyer  The one thing I will add is that I’ve “followed” a few categories, and with the old notifications, the email would contain the actual content of the post. With the new one, it’s just a subject and a link.  Now, granted, most times, I would go to the site to post anyway, but it was nice to be able to get the general idea from the email, and then, decide if I had anything to add.  Not sure there’s a way to change that, but wanted to share just in case.

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Hi @heather_hansen Thankfully, showing a preview of the post content in the email notification is an enhancement that should be available in about a month!

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@darkknight I can’t seem to get to your post about the content, but I mentioned it too in the thread above.  :)

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Thanks @heather_hansen !  Yeah for some reason I can’t get to my post either -very odd.  But I appreciate you highlighting this for me as I did not see it before.  Many thanks!

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I’m happy to report email notifications from the Community now contain a preview of the author’s new post, and/or comment. We hope this helps everyone identify quickly if the information is relevant for you!