Upload file option for success plan tasks

  • 18 August 2021
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Hi Team,


Currently we don’t have an option to upload the files for the task (CTA or Success Plans) . Do we have anything in our road map to implement this use case?

2 replies

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I have a specific use case for the request.  Our RMs hold quarterly business reviews (QBR) with their customers, a document is sent to the customer containing the items discussed.  These QBRs are Tasks on an Communication Objective on the Success Plan.  The RM would like to attach the document that was given to the customer for the particular QBR Task.  This will allow the RM to go back and see what was covered over the course of the year.  

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Thank you for the feedback. Users can upload the file to Google/One drive and paste the link in the CTA. Might not be helpful in all cases. Uploading files is not in short term roadmap.