Trigger a CTA when an opportunity is marked as 'Closed-Won"

  • 4 August 2015
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When an existing Customer has an Opportunity set to Closed-Won, we'd like to create a CTA ...

What would such a Rule look like? Fields that may be useful:

- Opportunity 'Closed' field (this is a boolean)

- Closed Date on Opp .... but the Opp almost never actually closes on that date...usually before or after. If before, SF automatically changes the close date to the current date ( If after, SF leaves the close date alone.

I'm thinking that a workflow rule in SF might be required to get this working 100% of the time.

5 replies

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Hi Brian -

We have a rule that fires for Closed-Won Opportunities. Below are the criteria. Our rules run at night, so the Opportunity is Closed-Won during the day, and then at night the rule fires. This particular rule has two actions - one to Load to Customers, and the other to create the onboarding CTA.

Opportunity :: Close Date greater or equal Subtract N Days from Rule Date(1)
Opportunity :: Stage includes Closed for Approval,Closed Won 
Opportunity :: Order Type includes New Customer,Upgrade from Web,Expansion 
Opportunity :: Owner Role (Closed) starts with Sales - AE 
Opportunity :: Owner Role (Closed) starts with Sales - AM

Let me know if you'd like further details,

Kristin.... thanks!

What would you do in the where the Opportunity Close date is 7/31/2015 (Friday), but you don't actually mark it as Closed-Won until 8/3/2015 (Monday)?

Based on your rules above, this particular Opp would get skipped by your Rule because SF won't automatically update the Close Date to 8/3.
I ended up creating an Opportunity date field "Date Opp Marked Closed". I do not show this field on any page layouts because its purpose is simply to track WHEN the Opportunity was LAST changed to either Closed-Won or Closed-Lost.

This date will not always match the "Close Date" field on the Opp which is only _sometimes_ modified by Salesforce to the date on which the Opp was actually closed. (that depends on whether or not the actual close date happens before or after the date that the Opportunity gets marked set to Closed.

More details on this nuance here :

Our Gainsight Rule then looks a lot like Kristin's above with the exception that we are looking at the Opp field "Date Opp Marked Closed" instead of "Close Date".
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Hi Brian -

We only have one Closed Date, which is the date the Opp is closed. We have a workflow rule that updates that date when the Opp is marked Closed-Won. We have a separate date, Order Start Date that tracks the start date for the actual term of service.

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You can have a 2nd rule running that captures the "close dates" and then it will populate the customer info record with that close date. This rule would ideally be running daily, including weekends, so any "close dates" that were modified afterwards will be loaded to the Customer Info object. Set the action type to "Load to Customers"