Transitioning Tasks from Salesforce to CTAs in Gainsight

  • 15 August 2016
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My team uses Salesforce tasks to organize their days - it's how we live and breathe, and keep our sanity!  When we close out a task, we always use the "Save & New Task" button in Salesforce, because we should ALWAYS have an Open Task for each of our Accounts.  Since I want my team living in Gainsight going forward, they are working to transition from their Tasks by creating Manual CTAs on their accounts.  

I'm starting to get questions on when they close a CTA, is there an easy way to "Close CTA & Create New CTA" all in an efficient swoop?  I just want to cut down on a lot of clicks, and want to know what other users have done for this.

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Hi Amber,

Thanks for the post. After closing a CTA, if we show a 'Create New CTA' option, then would you prefer pre-populated fields based on the closed CTA or just a new create CTA form?

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As possible a workaround, you could use rules engine to trigger creation of a new CTA.  This is what we do for certain segments of our business where we always want to have a Business Review CTA open. The setup action is "Create CTA" and the criteria is "Call To Action:: MAX of Closed Date = Subtract 1 day from Rule."

As a result, when a CSM closes a CTA, the following morning the new CTA has been created.  Works best if this action is supposed to occur on a regular cadence.
Hi Nitisha - 

Thanks for the follow up - we'd love it if you could show a "Close & Create New CTA" option; right now with Salesforce, it carries over the Assignee and Account; so it'd be nice if it could carry over the CTA Assignee as well as the Account the CTA is tied to.

This would be a big win for us.

Thank you,