Sponsor Tracking CTAs

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A few customers have reported extra Sponsor Tracking CTAs appearing in the Cockpit. This is due to our engineering team making infrastructure changes to our Sponsor Tracking feature to ensure greater accuracy and reliability. This update may lead to the generation of extra CTAs since backlog data was refreshed. We expect these extra CTAs will continue to be generated for the next week, and then will subside.

If you are experiencing this issue, please mass close the ‘Sponsor Tracking Notification’ CTAs. Instructions for using the CTA mass edit feature are available in our Product Release notes on ‘CTA Mass Edit’ . Filter for CTA’s named ‘Sponsor Tracking Notification’ (this is the name of your Sponsor Tracking notification rule) and filter on ‘Created Date’ greater than or equal to July 2nd, 2015.

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Can you provide an update on CTAs related to sponsor tracking? I was under the impression the automated CTAs were not working.  
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Blynn, CTAs related to sponsor tracking should be working fine. Have you created a rule to trigger these CTAs. More details here -