Setting up CTA File Attachment where files are NOT private

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We want to take advantage of the new CTA File attachment feature, but would like for files to be visible for everyone within our org.  Can you provide instructions for setting this up *without* restricting access to attached files?

I've already looked here:

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CTA file attachment was built to work with private chatter groups.

If you have enabled chatter then you can directly upload files via chatter and these files will uploaded to the Account / CTA / Customer Info based on where the chatter posts are being made. Are you interested in the ability to show these files on C360 as a related list or are you interested in some other capability?

The following is just a workaround and not the intended behaviour - 
  • Convert the group to a private group, complete the configuration from Admin and then make the group Public again.
  • After these steps 'Post files' config in admin will be blank, but the remaining functionality should work as is and you would be able to attach files to this chatter group. 
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Curious why this was limited to only private chatter groups.  Does every customer use Chatter? (We don't at this point).  Making attachments available to anyone who may have access to Gainsight is important.  Is the ability to attach files to CTAs indpendent of Chatter not possible?