Recurring CTAs Problem

  • 23 November 2015
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One of our CSMs created a recurring CTA for monthly review calls,  and in doing so, the recurring CTAs have the correct due date, but when she adds the playbook, the task due dates are showing based off the CTA create date and not the CTA due date.  I was thinking that if she waited the add the playbook until the CTA was due that would correct, but it would still show the CTA as being assigned on the day she set the recurrence.  Any suggestions?

2 replies

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Hi Heather, 

Currently our playbook task due date are based on assign date +x days. We are enhancing this and providing an option to choose CTA Due date -x days. (Mostly likely Jan 2016 release)

After this, you would be able to define a playbook with CTA Due date -x days and this problem with the recurring CTAs would be gone. 
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Thanks, Sidhu!  I'll have the team hold off on creating recurring CTAs until then.  I appreciate it!