Provide the Admin the rights to remove default filter from "All CTAs" in Cockpit view

  • 11 February 2020
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The “All CTAs” name is very misleading as it actually shows only All Open CTAs due to the default configured filter: Open = TRUE. Default filter : Is Open = true is not necessary in the "All CTAs" Cockpit view. Is there any way the admins can have the permissions to remove/disable it? When I try, a custom view gets created which I don't want. Rather, the filter should be removed for all users always. Is it possible to configure it?



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5 replies

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Hi @sarthaksubudhi 

Thanks a lot for sharing this. The main reason we filter out closed CTA”s is that they will be too many in number. In general, do you see yourself using this view a lot?

For now, you cannot remove this view for all users, but the idea, in general, makes sense. As of today we only have the capability for admins to push views to users 

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Yes, we are anticipating the “All CTAs” view to used by majority of the users. Is there a possibility to rename it to “All Open CTAs” for the Riverbed Gainsight account?  The view name “All CTAs” is very misleading as it gives an idea to the users that they are viewing all CTAs (Closed and Open).

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Hi @sarthaksubudhi : It is not possible to change the names for specific accounts.

One option could be to push another view with the name “All Open and Closed CTA’s” to all the uses which might help a bit to understand this view contains only Open CTA’s. On a side note, why would users want to see all the cta’s and not the cta’s that are owned by them? The view of All CTAs can get cluttered very soon

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Q: If I create a new view, will it be saved and available for all users in C360 Cockpit for all customers and Global Cockpit?


We have Customer Success Managers who would like to see all CTAs (open & close) for a customer and in the global cockpit irrespective of if they own them or not.

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Yes, the views are common for Global Cockpit & C360 cockpit (the C360 will have an additional company filter auto-applied)