"Parameter" component for embedded pages in C360 is not documented

  • 11 March 2016
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Our CSMs have started primarily working out of Gainsight, but -- at least for the moment -- they still need to create Tasks in Salesforce from time to time, since they need to be able to select specific Task types. I was hoping to add the create-a-Task page as an embedded page in the C360. If found "CreateTasks" as an available page in the menu:
  • It looks like this in the configuration: [img][/img]
  • But I get an error when it's displayed in the C360: [img][/img]

I imagine that it's because the page expects to be passed the Account ID. I was wondering if the "Parameter" / "Bundled Parameter" options shown in that first screenshot would be able to achieve that. However, I can't find any documentation about that feature in either or, except for a tutorial in some release notes about how to use the feature to embed in a C360.

I tried to see what would happen if I assume that "Parameter" is referring to URL parameters.
  • The "New Task" page in Salesforce has a URL with this structure:
  • So I set up these parameters in the embedded page configuration in Gainsight: [img][/img]
However, I get the same error, "Please select record ids."

So, in the C360 page settings, I tried unselecting the "Page" and manually entering the URL: makes the section configuration look like this:

However, when set up in that way, the page simply doesn't render at all in the C360 -- it just leaves a blank white section of the page.

Am I using the "Parameter" feature correctly? Is it able to do what I'm trying to achieve?

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Hi Seth,

Collaborated with our Support and Services teams this morning to follow a couple ideas.  

It may be much easier to implement what you're trying to do via a Report.  Here's the general idea:
  1. Create and save a report with the information you want to display
  2. Create a new C360 Section, select Type = Related List, Source = Task 
  3. Then select the report you created from this list
  4. Organize / position according to preference from the C360 Section page
Some guidance is on this page in our Documentation (1st Paragraph under "Add New Customer360 Section")

Here's a screenshot of #2 above:

Otherwise, with your present approach I'd check the following:
  1. Replace "Account ID 15" with "Id" (Account ID in full 18 character form)
  2. Make sure the VisualForce page you're using works external to C360
Hoping this provides some guidance
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Thanks, Dave, but unfortunately I believe that you're describing ways that I can [i]display Tasks that exist, whereas I'm actually trying to allow CSMs to [i]create Tasks from within the C360 page. (They can't use the Cockpit functionality and sync-to-Salesforce, since the Tasks in Salesforce need to have specific things selected in their "Type" picklist.)

I can certainly try replacing the 15-character ID with an 18-character ID, and attempt putting that VisualForce page elsewhere to confirm that it works in general. 🙂
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We set up a report of activities which then allows them to click "Add" and create a new task.  Our reps have been using this method for non-CTA tasks for the past couple of months and have been pleased with it.  

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Well that's *very* interesting! Do you know how I can get that "Add" button to appear? I haven't run across a setting for that in my work in Reports.
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I just added the report (all activities/tasks) onto the C360 layout and it appeared. I selected Related List and ref Account Id.
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Well hot damn, that works just fine for me. Thanks Ellen!
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Great work Ellen!  
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Our Director of Customer Success: "Seth, this is life-changing"
The CSM sitting next to her: "Yeah, now I never need to leave the C360 for any customer call. I was living in 2 places before."

Thanks again 🙂 And I'm commenting here -- -- since it'd be great to have this more integrated into the Cockpit & C360 interface
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Thank you so much for providing this great tip to Seth, Ellen!