Notes when manually assigning a CTA to someone

  • 11 February 2020
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When manually assiging a CTA or Task to someone, it would be very useful if we could leave a note for the person. This would allow us to explain why we’re assigning it to them and to provide additional info if needed.


Currently, to accomplish this, it would be a tedious 8-step process of leaving an ‘’Update’’ activity in the Customer’s Timeline.



  1. From Cockpit, click on the CTA.
  2. On the right-hand-side CTA menu, click on the Timeline tab.
  3. Click on + and select the Update activity type.
  4. Enter notes and include a Subject.
  5. Click on Log to finish.
  6. Click the Assignee photo
  7. Choose the new assignee
  8. Assign all tasks

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3 replies

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Is there a reason why these notes can’t be left in the “comments” of the CTA rather than as an update? It would save you a couple of clicks, at the least!


@mhoangws I guess the main reason is that it’s not possible to leave comments on a CTA.


Unless I’m missing something, I think you can only comment on Timeline entries. Which would involve steps 1 through 5 of my example above plus a few extra steps to leave a comment.

Never mind. Eating my own foot here… there is a comments field :joy: