New UI - Under CTAs the task are not very intiutive

  • 14 July 2016
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This is not really a problem but there is a learning curve with the new UI. The cockpit area of the older UI was much better . Example : The task column said "2 task" whereas the new UI does not use the word task but shows "0/2" which is not very intutive for a new user. Additionally , When a CTA goes overdue the older UI showed a very clear icon, however new UI it shows closer to the date is so small that it is barely visible. Additionally we used have the option to filter teh CTA by owner, this filter is kind of hidden on the right side of the UI, in addition to it , it does not work. 

2 replies

There should be something on the left side that  clearly indicates that there is a way to expand the  list.

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All your comments make sense, Juhi and Steve! We'll come up with a few options to improve these areas and get your feedback. 

Juhi - You mentioned that the owner drop-down doesn't work for you. Could you please elaborate on the issue, so I can take it up with the team?