Milestone: Update milestone for tasks of a CTA when we set the flag.

  • 29 December 2015
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When we set a flag for a milestone in CTA, it updates milestone on that particular CTA but not for the tasks assigned to it. Is it possible to enhance this feature? so that we can trace the tasks followed on that particular account. In rule we may have to filter based on the task completion as well as per the requirement.

1 reply

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Hi Navya, I'm not sure if this will help with your particular use case but you can create a "load to milestone" rule that would automatically create a milestone for a specific closed task on a CTA.  

The rule would be based on the CSTask native object.  You could filter on cstask status = closed success, acssubject = training (for example), and cstask closed date = subtract N days from rule 1.    In this case, any completed task that mentions training would create a milestone.  

One point to keep in mind is that right now when you close a CTA all the tasks get closed, so you may want to be careful with how you set up this process.  Choosing a specific closed status (not the default) may be a helpful strategy.  As with all rules, I'd recommend doing some testing of the rule first.  If you have other questions, this could be a good use case to submit for review during an upcoming Gainsight Admin Office Hours session.