Mass Edit in Cockpit

  • 17 September 2015
  • 6 replies

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When doing a Mass Edit in the Cockpit Admin tab, the tab should NOT close out but instead return you to the page. It's annoying and since there is a delay once you submit the request, you think it didn't go thru until the pop-up appears. Kinda annoying delay at that.

6 replies

Totally agree -- I think it would be beneficial and much more convenient if it didn't auto-close the tab. 
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Totally agreed. We will improve the behaviour within the next 2 releases. 
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I agree. We would like to return to the same report to complete other mass edit actions after the initial one is complete.
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Want to pile on this as well. This was mentioned in Pulse by a few admin users. Is it on the roadmap yet? Thanks. 
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This will be available in our July release. 
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Absolutely right.
I accidentally deleted additional CTA's, because I thought they are still listed.