Issue with opening CTA due to Linked Object

  • 28 February 2018
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I've seen this happen with enough customers lately that I figured it would be worth raising here. I've had at least 3 or 4 customers in recent weeks (Frontline, GlobalEnglish and Integrate come to mind) that have had an issue with creating a CTA and then not being able to view it in the cockpit or C360. See below: 

The fix each time has been to go to the Call To Action setup in Administration and unlink the Linked Objects on that specific type of CTA (it's usually been risk or activity). After the Linked Object is unconnected, the CTA can be viewed just fine. I believe at some point in the recent past we started automatically linking objects to those CTA types, and it appears be causing the issue documented above. 

Obviously, this is causing a negative user experience and probably leading to an influx of support tickets. Has anyone else experienced this issue lately too? From a product perspective, this appears to be a bug, but I'd be curious to hear if there's something I'm missing. Thanks.

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5 replies

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Thanks for the workaround solution.  I have seen this myself internally on GonG, not with customers, but figured it was something that the "new guy" was doing wrong. 🙂
Same issue here, All the sudden Linked objects are causing it to spin. I have fixed this in 2 customers instances so far. Just waiting for more to report it.
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Hi Spencer,

Is this happening consistently or is an intermittent issue? Can you raise a support ticket if you are seeing this again....will help in identifying why this is happening?
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Yeah, it's pretty consistent, and I've raised support tickets for it for a few customers. Each time, it goes to L2, they unlink the object, and mark it as solved. However, I raised this Community post because I think there's a bigger issue happening here.
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I don't think Frontline, Global English issues are same(at least based on the Zendesk ticket information). If this is happening on multiple instances, definitely unlinking is not an option(even in GlobalEnglish case we linked the object back). If anyone sees this issue again, lets try to identify the root of the issue.