Is it possible to set default filter settings for the Account widget cockpit view?

  • 15 March 2019
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We're going to be rolling out the gainsight account widget to our sales team next month. We want to give them some insight into open CTAs (specifically Risk CTA Types). I know they can filter to show these on their own, but aren't really familiar enough with CTAs and what they should be looking at. Is there a way to set a default filter or default custom view but still allow them to adjust as needed?


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5 replies

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Hi Katie,

Thanks for sharing this. Do you want to define some views for the user beforehand (eg: Open Risk CTAs) so that each user doesnt' to create it on their own?


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Exactly. Our view license users aren't very familiar with CTAs and we want to pre-set their default view so there is less work for them to filter to what they need to see and know it is filtered correctly.

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Got it,

Thanks for sharing this. As of today its not possible for the admin to define views for other users. Another question: For the viewer license users do you want to have multiple views (or is it about just having one view for them - which is not a part of the standard ones available?)

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For now, we'd probably be fine with justs 1 additional 'standard' view but I do see this coming up more often as we continue to expand to other departments as they each may have different needs.

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@katie_b This is possible with Gainsight NXT. Please refer to this article for more information