Is anyone using CTAs to flag customer success stories?

  • 25 March 2016
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 I'd like to implement a programmatic way for CSMs to flag great success stories & verbatims so they are easily referenceable & shareable during our weekly Success meets

5 replies

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Hi Adam,
I wonder if you could add an additional "Closed" status for CTAs. We have "Closed Complete" and "Closed Incomplete", but you could add something along the lines of "Closed Awesome Success".

Or, if you use Chatter, I imagine you could dedicate a hashtag to this purpose. Don't quote me on that, though, since I've never used Chatter myself.
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Hey Seth, Nice. Thanks!

I do actually like that touch, but more for a sharing best practice approach than this specific use case.   

As we find success stories tend to bubble up from calls, emails & meetings that don't necessarily tie to an existing formal CTA then just using closed status would miss a chunk of these situations.
I'd also like these to be visible to other teams & leads that are not inside SFDC, via scheduled GS emails that embed reports, so not sure if chatter will let us do that (we're just trying chatter out from this week, so early days in understanding potential)
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Thanks Adam and Seth. This is actually very interesting. We have been discussing about something called "Success Events" where we try to identify the events which CSMs can tag as relevant. We don't have a timeline for this but this is a great idea. Thanks.
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Picking up on Abhishek's point - you could create a specific CTA Reason of a "Success Event" and the Comments section includes the quick success story ("assuming this are the quick stories vs full case study types).  You could use then build a report and dashboard and email the dashboard (you could also post that to chatter in the general chatter feed - non-SFDC users can use that feed for free and don't need an SFDC license for that)
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Thanks Abhishek, great to know! I wonder if Milestones could serve as a 'poor man's version' in the meantime.