How do you use Priority?

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Good morning fellow Gainsight Admins!

We currently use High, Medium, Low priority for all CTA Types. We are condiering adding a 4th Critical Priority based on discussions about Issue Management. We aren't sure the 4th priority is particularly necessary and realized we don't have robust definitions for the existing 3 Priorities. That brings me here, how are other Customer Success Teams using this feature?

  1. Do you have more than 3 priorities? [list=1]
  2. Do you have different priorities based on CTA Type, or are they the same accross the types to make it easier for CSMs to group their work?
  • Are you using the Important flag? How can that be used with or in place of additional Priorities?

  • How do you define your priorities?

    [/list]Thanks for sharing your expertise!


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    @darkknight Do you have a POV on how to use Priority in the CTA layout?

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    We currently only use the default 3 priorities, however we haven't really thought too deeply on this particular point. A couple of times I thought about creating an URGENT category also - for those things that absolutely must receive immediate attention.

    We use the "Important" flag as a way for CSMs to identify CTAs where they are having trouble and need manager involvement. We have a report on the Manager dashboard that identifies CTAs where the Important flag is set.