how do you handle CTA's where the client is non-responsive

  • 21 September 2018
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Question for the community.  When do you feel ok with closing out a CTA when the client is non-responsive?  Is there a set amount of attempts?  Also, what is the timeframe you put on on-boarding CTA's to be complete?  3 days, 4 days, 10 days?

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I guess it depends on the reason for the CTA. For certain activities, if we've made several attempts at engaging the customer and don't have a reply then we will close the CTA with a status of Closed - No Response which is not categorized the same as a Completed status. That way we can look at the rate of successfully completed CTA per account. If we are seeing a trend or a number of risk type CTA being Closed as No Response we can use that as factors to influence Health Score. 

On the flip-side, we have a CTA for survey submission follow-ups (when a survey is submitted with lower scores but no comments). Once we've sent a follow-up email, we close the CTA regardless if there is a response or not. Our rationale is we've already asked the customer to submit a survey and now we are asking them to provide more detail in a follow-up - so two asks total. Asking a third time for information seems a bit pushy and the survey response has already been factored in to their Health Score.