How can we operationalise customer lifecycle in Gainsight

  • 9 October 2017
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(as we a relatively new to Gainsight and just started this year) I'd like to build our customer lifecycle in Gainsight with the different touchpoints and milestones from sales, product build, handoff to customer support to value creation, renewals and churn. similar like the lifecycle chart in this article

it would be really useful to show customers who recently onboarded and received training so that we can track the effectiveness of training vs usage. Similarly, it would be super-helpful for our training consultant to view which customers are moving through the lifestyle and will be soon in need of training so that they can plan accordingly.
Some transitions between stages would be manual whereas some would need to be automated e.g. customer completed 80% of training course - they would be automatically moved to Value Creation stage which is handled by a different team. 

I saw a Clarizen case study which showed a great roadmap of this in C360 but this was built in old version of GS. 

Can anyone share any ideas/set up they have achieved on this topic please, or guidelines on how the above can be set up in Gainsight?

Thanks in advance!


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