How are you using tasks within a playbook?

  • 18 January 2020
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When I initially setup a playbook, I created a series of tasks within it. The tasks are sequences of events that a CSM might do to verify early engagement/adoption. Eventually, I’d like to have our scorecard data be more robust to tell the adoption story, but for current time, I need the team to look across systems to review this. Currently I have a Welcome Playbook that has three tasks. 


  • Send Welcome Email
  • Review Usage - Day 7
  • Review Usage - Day 21


As you can imagine, one happens right away, the others in the weeks that follow. The issue that I’m having is that the ordering in the cockpit is being driven on the playbook completion date, rather than the next task’s due date. From what I can tell, this is not adjustable. Which leads to my question - how are you all using tasks in a playbook, if the CSMs aren’t seeing “today’s tasks” as the top of their Cockpit? Or - has anyone solved for the cockpit sorting issue? 


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5 replies

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Hi @justin_neel , thanks a lot for posting on community. You can choose the order in which tasks should display within a CTA (either in the order in which they were created in the playbook or be ordered by Due Date). Would that help you? Or are you looking for a way to show what task is due next week (even if the CTA might be due at a later point in time?)


@aditya_marla  Thanks for the response. I am trying to accomplish the latter. I’d think that if the cockpit is the “what is due today” then, I’d be able to sort by the tasks (with each due date). As this doesn’t seem possible, I’m trying to determine what I might be missing. 



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Got it. There is no straight forward way to do that today. Do the due dates of the CTA’s and tasks vary a lot? (Or are they generally within the same week?). Would the approach of having a report which shows the task due in a week work in your case?

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@justin_neel did u get a chance to view the comments by @aditya_marla ?

@sai_ram  - I did have a chance to review the comment. To date, I haven’t set up this report as a solution. The variances are generally over 30 days, so not having the ability to sort the cockpit at a task level does render it quite a bit less useful.