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We're using email assist to send a recap email after an EBR and then attaching the EBR.  We're running into problems with the size limit which is limiting the ability of our CSMs to be able to use the email assist task.  Is it possible to increase the size limit at all?  The template alone is about 3MB and could be more depending on how much data we are presenting.

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We use Email Assist for the same use case and also ran into this issue. Our workaround for now is to drop the EBR into a Box folder and include the link to the Box folder in the email. Not ideal but a workaround...
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As a former network and email server admin in a past life, I can fully support sending large files as links instead of attachments. Email servers everywhere will thank you. 🙂
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As an alternative to Box, FWIW, we are extensive users of CloudApp, which works great for quick file sharing. Google Drive also works well, but then you have to deal with the sharing permissions for every single file.
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Thanks, all!  I appreciate the suggestions!