Email Assist: I am able to select inactive contacts

  • 17 November 2016
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When I click "Approve and Send Email" in an Email Task, and it pulls up the template editor, I am able to search for inactive contacts in the TO field.  There are a number of cases where duplicate contact records have been previously created for some reason and one of them set to inactive.  There needs to be a way to filter out any contacts that are not active.

5 replies

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Makes sense. How are you flagging these Contacts active/inactive?
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We have a checkbox field "Is Active" on the contact record.
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Thanks. We'll have to think this through, since there is no standard way of marking Contacts 'inactive' like there is on the User object.
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One request from our team on adding the contact to the email is that it would be nice if there was a drop down feature to select the contacts to send to; in both the To and CC fields.  Instead of having to go back to the Account in SFDC to look for contacts.
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Hi Lane,

In To and CC you can select both from Contacts & User, so drop-down list would be huge.

Other way of solving the problem is by using '%' operator for search, for example if you would like to Search for all the Contacts or Users that have Mike either in Name or Email, the you can use 'Mike%',

Or you want to look for all the Contacts and Users available, the just Type % and click Enter