Does anyone think Co-Pilot needs to go back to testing? It is nearly impossible to successfully send

After 16-18 hours trying to work with surveys and co-pilots it is hard to imagine this functionaity has been tested thoroughly. Not only are the rules driving distribution not effective in surveys, the email templates and power lists are filled with issues.  There is no way to personalize outreach follow-ups.  On top of that, them moment you attempt to copy of edit an email template, bugs cause the HTML to create color changes in text and fields that make the emails unsendable.  Does anyone have to use an outside program to send NPS survey's?

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Hi Denise,

Can you please elaborate on the kind of issues that you have been facing. Pointing out to the exact screen and giving some steps would help!


My name is Daniel. Denise is not generally associated with men.

I have a current support case and escalation.

Other major issues:
  • follow-up outreach does not work. 
  • it does not respect your selection of "did not click link"
  • it creates incorrect power lists
  • when you create a follow-up it does not allow you to personalize. the power list does not have the required fields to personalize first name.
  • There is many more.
I was looking for other customer feedback on this module.
Same issues.  Original email seems to work fine for us, but don't bother trying to create a follow up list to hit the people who didn't open the first one, all of your links will break and you won't be able to use your account contacts.
Hi Daniel,

I am extremely sorry about the name part.

I went through the Support ticket and got the context.
Can you please take some time and reply on the ticket, and let us know if you were facing the issues with original template as well.

Also ,for your reference, you may please go through:

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Hi Daniel, I am the director of product management at Gainsight and copilot is one of the areas my team manages. Apologies for the issues you are facing. Would you be available for a meeting some time this week to discuss the same? Someone from account team should be reaching out to you to setup some time. 

I agree the limitation to personalization in follow up is frustrating. This is a known limitation we've tried to highlight at and have a Q3 initiative to offer this and more general intuitive / dynamic 'follow up' flows. I'd love to run this by you. In the interim, we plan to change the name of this capability so it's not misleading. 

I'd also like to go over some of the email template improvements and get more details powerlist issues you are facing.