Delete old CTA Types and Success Plan Types

  • 1 March 2016
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During Implementation and Testing, we created a few CTA Types and Success Plan Types that we no longer will use.  We are not able to delete them as it says they are linked to Cockpit, playbooks, or rules.  I have gone through and unlinked the playbooks and rules, but since old CTAs exist it still will not let me delete.  Is there a way to archive a type so that CSMs no longer select them?  

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5 replies

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Is this something that you were able to resolve or can I move this over into a support ticket?

Steve Davis
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I was able to resolve it by upserting the existing CTA and Success Plan types to other types and then deleting.  Not ideal for historical reporting, but it works.  Thanks!
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I understand. I have added that into my list of things to share with product. Thanks!!
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Having the ability to churn them to 'Inactive' similar to CTA's would be helpful! 
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Hello Everyone! 

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and included as part of the v6.14 release.  Previously, it was only possible to deprecate or make existing Cockpit picklists such as CTA Types/Reasons/Status/Priority/Snooze and Success Plan Templates/Types/Objective Categories inactive. Gainsight now supports deprecating and making Playbooks inactive.

Along with making Playbooks inactive, Gainsight also made some minor behavior changes to the following Cockpit and Success Plans assets while making them inactive:

  • CTA Picklists
  • Success Plan Templates
  • Success Plan Types
  • Success Plan Objective Categories

This feature is implemented in only the NXT version.

Thanks for posting!