Date format in CTA comments

  • 25 January 2018
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The support team has confirmed that when you add a date field as a token to the CTA comments via the rules engine, the date format will always be YYYY-DD-MM regardless of how the field is formatted.

It would be great if we could designate the date format similar to formatting tokens in CoPilot.

4 replies

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Hi Scott, Thanks for sharing this, we will consider this based on more customer requests.

Are you bringing the date field from Salesforce or Custom Object(MDA)?Could you please share an example of the field that you are trying to write into the CTA comments . 
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The date field is in Salesforce, it references the last time they received one of our surveys.

Would this be different if I was using a field from MDA?
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@sai can you confirm if this date field would map differently from MDA?
I pumped today to the same problem. Any plans to change this?