Customer Feedback new UI: Add Assignee/Owner as a Quick List filter on Cockpit

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Many managers use the option of picking one of their team members as Owner for changing Cockpit View for 1:1.  Since it moved to Advanced Filters - requires more clicks AND knowing what the field name is to find these.

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Reinforcing that we need the ability for AM Managers to quickly/easily filter CTAs by assignee.

Additionally, the filtering by Assignee=AM Name is not working. When you select Other User and enter a name, the UI does not come up with a list of users to select from. This makes me think the field is taking a text value when it really needs to link to the user's record by ID.

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Like the new UI rolled out this morning but moving the Owner filter out of the main bar to Advanced filters is a step backwards in terms of usability for the reasons outlined above.
1) Its too many clicks for managers
2) Using the advanced filter you are not prompted for names to choose from as you type so you have to know the correct name of the person you are looking for
Any immediate plans to have the Quick filter restored ?
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On 2) you should be able to see the Owner Filter under the Filter icon as a quick filter and allows for type ahead.

Are you seeing this kind of screen? (Sample screen shot shown here)

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Hi Denise
My bad..... didnt see that in my rush to click on Advanced Filters.
Thats perfect.
Thank you !