CTA vs Task ownership in cockpit view

  • 10 August 2020
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Scenario is as follows. 

  1. CTA is created with user 1 as the owner
  2. All tasks are assigned to user 1 except for 1 task which is assigned to user 2
  3. User 2 completes their assigned task in the CTA

Expected: User 2 should no longer see the CTA in their cockpit view since their task was completed

Actual: The CTA still shows as an open CTA for user 2 in cockpit even though they are not the owner and the only task they were assigned has been completed.

I’ve tried using filters to remove this from view but it seems that if you have a task in the CTA, you have some form of ownership in the CTA. 

Is there anyway to remove CTAs you don’t own where your tasks are completed tasks assigned to you from the Cockpit view?


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My belief is that since the Cockpit is based off of the “Call to Action” object, it will be very difficult to achieve this outcome.  You would need to be able to leverage data on the CS TASK object for task ownership and status to compare that to the “created_by” value on the actual CTA (since there is no way User 2 is the owner/author).


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That’s right @keith_mattes - there is no easy way to filter out the CTAs. 

One thing you might consider, @kyle johnson, is creating two CTAs and two playbooks instead of 1 playbook with both users. For example: 

  • CTA 1 + Playbook 1 would include all tasks assigned to User 1
  • CTA 2 + Playbook 2 would include only the task assigned to User 2


In your rule, you can trigger the two playbooks to be assigned. If you use a naming convention for the CTA name, you will be able to still easily see everything in one report or on the C360.

I know it may not be the most ideal situation but I have used this trick for creating integrated playbooks that include people from different departments. This has helped user adoption in my case because users tend to get disengaged when they see a bunch of stuff in their cockpit that is not actually assigned to them. 

Hope this helps give an another alternative to solve your use case.

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There is also a product idea for being able to view the Cockpit by tasks. Please come vote for it as this would also solve your use case.