CTA Best Practise

  • 23 February 2022
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Hi all, 

Is there a “best practise” or guidance for how many CTA’s are created by account?

Understanding there are lifecycle stages, customer segments and other factors to consider I am wondering if less can be more and or there is a “too many” number that can refocus the CSM to admin and maintenance tasks.




1 reply

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Not sure there is a hard and fast number - as you mentioned it will vary by segment, lifecycle among other things. Short answer, less is more - think of the quality of why you’re doing it first to filter out poor use cases.

Also, I’m assuming you’re just referring to automated CTA’s here.

I think in general you want to avoid everything a CSM needs to do turning into a CTA. You want to be intentional with why you’re triggering your CTA’s, what you want to accomplish with the CTA, and if there isn’t some other way like a dashboard to get the information already.


They’re called “Call To Action” for a reason - do you need to alert the CSM to take a specific set of actions in a Playbook based on a data anomaly? Or do you are just tracking some piece of information, like an event (like a new case was created) that could be viewed in a dashboard? In my opinion, you want the former not the latter.