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  • 11 October 2016
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I can't figure out how to make the cockpit accommodate the short tasks that come up each day. Our CSMs are in the habit of creating tasks for themselves in SFDC. I'd like them to be able to create tasks for themselves in Gainsight, but CTAs make it super inefficient. For example, if they want to remember to check if a purchase order came in on a certain day, they will need to create a CTA, and then create a task in that CTA. This is time I'd rather have them spend supporting customers.

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This is something that can be achieved by creating Timeline entry.
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We are thinking in the direction of adding a Task View and I would like to get your feedback on it. 
This will be a "Cockpit" style screen that shows just tasks, not underneath CTAs. 

In this view you can -

1. See the list of tasks grouped, sorted, filtered by various attributes (similar to cockpit list view)
2. Add custom attributes in the task list view columns
3. Expand the task to view/ change task attribute values
4. Create inline tasks quickly instead of first creating a CTA and then a task under it. For creating inline tasks-
  • User has to enter account/ relationship and subject
  • Due date and owner will be auto-populated but can be changed
  • All other task attributes will be auto-populated
  • A CTA will be created automatically for the inline task, so these tasks will be visible in current cockpit view too
  • CTA name will be hyperlinked in the task

Please let us know your feedback on it.

Thanks Nitisha!
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Hi Alex,

I agree with you. We are working towards improving and simplifying cockpit experience. This also includes making it easy to add tasks. This is in our short term roadmap. I will keep you updated about exact ETA.