Connecting CTA's to objectives

  • 20 May 2020
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We are trying to keep our objectives higher level and longer term- as designed. However, many of the CTAs that result are directly related to the objectives. Is there a way to tie them somehow? It would be helpful for presenting to the customer the activities that were completed over the past quarter for each objective as well as the result. 


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Are you using the Success Plan feature?  Pretty much what that is designed for.

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Yes, we do but the plans are very high level and will result in many activities and CTAs. I might need a CTA to upgrade their production- which has many tasks under it. The reason we have this CTA is to support the objective of reducing support costs. To do that, they need to keep all of their instances on a supported version. I see the CTA and cockpits as where I am doing my daily work. But it is all in support of objectives in the success plans. Clear as mud? Maybe I just need to refresh myself with a good webinar. 

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That’s how SPs are designed to work.  Each CTA in a Success Plan aligns to an Objective.  Under that Objective CTA you can have multiple tasks aligned to the meeting of that objective.

You could also go a step further and make a Success Plan that encompasses the entire objective.  So the Success Plan is “Upgrade Production” then each Objective CTA is the high-level steps to drive the upgrade.  Then within each of those Objective CTAs are the tasks needed to complete each step.


Objective CTAs will show in your cockpit once you make the Success Plan active. 

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Ok, I think the difference here is your success plans are more granular that ours and our tasks under the objectives are used slightly differently. Thanks for the feedback.