Closing CTAs - allowing a space for final summary/resolution for CTAs when closed success/risk/no action

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I know there is a Comments section for each CTA, but is there a best practice for where to insert "resolution" notes for when we close a CTA (closed success or risk or no action). The reason is for easy roll up/reporting to the executive level. One way I can think of right now is to encourage CSMs to add into the Comment section the "resolution" notes at the top level of that box... but are there any thoughts to create a separate notes section for this?

For example, a CTA for M&A; comments section will have background notes/summary of risk; unable to save account, CTA closed risk; maybe note box pops up and CSM then inputs resolution notes. Ops can then extract report on those separate fields for exec briefing and/or at risk meetings. Thoughts? 🙂

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