Changing CSM's in SF does not sync with Gainsight

  • 22 October 2015
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We assign accounts to our CSM's via Salesforce which after customer load rule is synced to Gainsight. However if we change the CSM in Salesforce, it is not changed in Gainsight. I have to manually go to every account and change the CTA's to a new CSM- which is very time consuming. Can this be changed? Or  is there a solution for this? 

5 replies

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We have similar issues when onboarding new CSMs. The data migration for open CTAs is time consuming. I use the Mass Reassign tool for CTAs and it helps. Would like to see that tool improved so you can save scenarios (set of fields to display and criteria) to be more efficient. Optimally, being able to automate the reassignment of CTAs based on criteria is desired.
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Hey Kati,

In essence, you have two fields which has the CSM. What is the object in SFDC that has this field? and I assume you have the CSM field in Customer Info.
To automate this, you can create a rule which sync's the CSM field from SFDC to Gainsight on daily basis.

Kristin, We have Mass edit feature in Cockpit configuration. We can reassign the CTA from there. Find the images attached.

Hey Sundar,

Thank you for coming back to me. 
This information is very useful for us. 
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Thanks Sundar - I use the Mass Edit tool. I would love the ability to save a scenario - a set of fields and criteria - because I do the same function often and could just change the names in the criteria to save time.

My thought was to have Gainsight automatically update the owner on open CTAs and Tasks when the CSM on the Account is changed.
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Ah! Got it. This is not possible as of now, but I can imagine how that would be seamless.