Can you flag a CTA to lets say a Product Manager who has a view only license?

  • 16 October 2015
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Just wondering

If lets say a CTA was created on a product issue and a CSM wants to highlight it to the Product Manager who doesnt really need to be in GS on a daily basis but could use the cockpit on meetings or just have a look at the product issue asks and fixes to plan for the roadmap of the product.

Can they get this flagged CTA on their view only license? and if so how would they see it? Or could they signup to get notified via email? Just wondering the view only license use case.



4 replies

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PMs can access these CTAs through the Gainsight Account widget (shows up as a separate section on the Salesforce Account page). You could also additionally ask them to turn their notifications on, so that they get alerted on any new CTA/Task assignment.

Steps to turn notifications on from Customer 360:


Hope this helps.

Looks like a helpful feature! One point to make, the Product Manager will have to be following the Account.
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Product Managers would receive the notification if a CTA or Task was assigned to them even if they were not following the Account. 
  • Would they then have to have a license to SFDC and GS or just SFDC? 
  • Wouldn't that only be the case if they specifically requested to be notified on "A CTA is assigned to me"?