Automating Recurring Events in the Rules Engine

  • 15 July 2015
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We have the use case for an account that has product X, create an event CTA every second monday of the month that fires the playbook "account health check". When I went through support they explained I could manually add an event to an account and schedule it recurring but this has some drawbacks. 

1. All of the recurring CTA's are fired all at once, this really clutters the cockpit with CTA's.
2. You can't assign a playbook, and so you would have to manually add tasks to all of those CTA's
3. You can't automate the assignment, so as new customers sign up you are creating the recurring CTA/tasks manually. 

I understand ideally your account health checks would be risk CTA's that fire on conditions. It would be useful for people starting out in success, new product offerings where data integration to gainsight hasn't happened but the product is being sold, or where the data for risk CTA's isn't available to Gainsight but in another system; this may be a good stop gap as you build out and compile all the data to have a completely automated suite of risks for monitoring. 

We have several cases where it would be beneficial to have an option in the rules engine that is like the recurring event section but would let you set up logic like "rule date = second monday of the month" 

If there is a work around that addresses the drawback listed above, please let me know. 

Thanks for your time and consideration. 

2 replies

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I like the idea of having logic the supports things like ""rule date = second monday of the month".

Here is how I solved regular recurring CTAs for business reviews:
1. The initial CTA is created based on a rule with logic of 90 days from Customer Create Date in Gainsight.
2. Then there is a rule that updates a field "Last QBR Date", looking for closed CTAs with Reason or Name criteria that match the original QBR CTA.
3. Then there is a rule that looks for "Last QBR Date", 30 or 90 days from rule date, depending on the size of Customer, and creates the next CTA. When it is resolved the "Last QBR Date" field is updated again, so then the cycle perpetuates.

Thanks for your reply Kristin. I will try that out. I still think the community would benefit from "rule date = calendar date, day of week, etc..."