[Ask from Customer] Why the content of the "Notes" section from timeline not appearing in Cockpit's

  • 25 January 2018
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-- Ask from one of the  Customer --

1.  In Timeline for an account, I logged a call and filled in the “Notes “field, naturally. I also created a future task, which results in creating a CTA called “Test 1 (Example one)”

2. Here in the cockpit, I can see my CTA and future task. But the “Notes” field is not available to me, in the detail of the CTA. There’s a “Comments” field in the CTA but no “Notes” field is available to be displayed. Is there a way to display the Note field that I filled out while logging an activity in the timeline, when that activity becomes a CTA?

Based on gathered inputs I get to know both Activity & CTAs are independent entities, except name nothing will be copied, that's how it was designed. Is there any future plan to add that Notes section of Timeline in CTA Section ?

2 replies

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Hi Hitesh, This is a valid use-case. This is already in our product backlog and this is in our short term road map. Thanks for posting
nice! thanks!