Request for Enhanced Functionality within Activities for Admin Users

  • 29 September 2021
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This request/idea has 2 parts:

1) Give the ability for Admin Users to make adjustments around read-only/editability for Activities. For example, Admin User can adjust permissions so that ‘Activities become read-only after X hours’, or ‘select Activities are read-only’, etc. 

2) Give Admin Users the ability to add standard fields such as created date, created by, Modified Date, Modified by, etc. to the Timeline Entry Layout.

These solutions would give Admin Users better control across their organizations to prevent undesirable behavior and ensure workflows are triggered. Additionally, this would prevent issues of inaccurate Activity reporting, general Activity tracking over time, and give all users better visibility into Activities.

Use Case:

CSM is expected to create a new Activity for each relevant instance.
Example case:
In Timeline, CSM selects ‘Add Activity’:
- Timeline Entry Activity Type - At Risk Alert
- Risk Level - Orange, Red
- Risk Reason - Availability/Stability
- Category - Solution
- At Risk Alert - Created Date - within last 1 day
Outcome: Success Plan: At Risk Bridge process is triggered with CTA
CSM is trained but not prevented from editing a previous Activity. 
Example case w/issue:
- In Timeline, CSM opens previously created Activity (more than ~1day ago) and makes edits. 
 *Does not satisfy ‘At Risk Alert - Created Date - within last 1 day’
Outcome: Success Plan: At Risk Bridge process is not triggered
This Outcome is undesirable because:
•    Success Plan is not created for appropriate follow up, leading to higher churn.
•    Even with training, propensity for user error is high.
•    Issue furthered by inability to see Created Date and other relevant fields within Activity.

While in this specific case our issue could be resolved by simply making all Activities read-only beginning the next calendar day, a full solution benefiting customers across the board is building more robust functionality for Admin Users. 

6 replies

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Hello @sami.burk, thank you for your post. Looping in our Product Manager to take this idea/suggestion forward. 

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@Cornelia - We haven’t seen any updates on this request so far.

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Hey @kumaranbcak, apologies for the delay in response. Please allow the Product Manager some time while he’s checking the possibilities in the back end.

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@sami.burk Thank you for mentioning all the Use cases. We will definitely look into this idea and will update once we add it to the roadmap.

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@soumitrasahu  - Any update on this?

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@Cornelia or @soumitrasahu - echoing Muthu, are there any updates or movement on this request?