CTAs that fire instantly

  • 30 June 2017
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We have recently migrated our onboarding process out of SFDC process builder and into Gainsight's rules engine.

The onboarding process needs to be extremely quick for our organization, so the idea that I can change the onboarding step (a picklist we have) and need to wait up to 24 hours for the CTA(s) to fire along with playbooks so we can schedule work among many different groups of users is a real pain point for us.

I would like the ability to fire CTAs more frequently than once a day - and potentially even instantly to speed up this process.

Is that a feature on the roadmap?

3 replies

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Thanks for submitting this Josh and I can say that you are not alone with the need to have the ability to fire a Rule sooner than 24 hours. I have not checked as to whether this is on the Road Map but thought I would mention one method of firing your CTA Rule more often.
Are you aware that you can add a Rule to multiple Rule Chains? If not, you might want to consider doing so. You can schedule several Rule Chains to run at various intervals through out the day and add your Rule to each of those. I do understand that this is not real time but it will at least help out.

Hope that helps a little bit for now.
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Yes. The plan is to enable rules running more than once per day in our next release. (Bionic Rules only.)  Regarding triggering rules from an event, this is also in plan though a little further out.  Note that we already have the core publish/subscribe technology in place and use it to support triggered execution of Advanced Outreach.  There are a few other places where we use it under the covers.  Obviously we still need to attach that to Rules but are definitely heading that way.  (May be fun for you study how this works in Advanced Outreach if you haven't already.)
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Hi Josh, Yes, this is in our road map(Summer Release).Rules running more than once per day is supported for Bionic Rules only. For this use-case we don't support rule chain.