Admin Notification Settings - Filter Logic

  • 20 September 2021
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Following along another idea of mine around Notification Settings, it would be great if we could customize auto-subscribe settings based on additional logic. We have multiple customer statuses based on product, and, accordingly, multiple user lookups to form the customer’s overall account team. For the most part, we do not remove the “old” assignee when a customer churns from a particular product. 

It would be great if we could set it up like: 

  • If GB Status = Customer, then auto-subscribe the Company::CSM 
  • If GI Status = Customer, then auto-subscribe the Company::GI CSM
  • etc

Plus, going with concept of the other idea I linked, auto-unsubscribe if the status moves to Former Customer…

3 replies

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I’m too lazy to cross link my post, but can we just roll out if/then type logic everywhere we build things, and not just case fields. This is a great example of a use case.

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Hello @gunjanm, thank you for your post and suggestion/idea on customizing auto-subscribe settings. Forwarding this suggestion to our Product Manager to get his thoughts and road map on this.

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Hello All, 
We are working on enhancements of notifications, i will add this use case as part fo it. Please suggest if you have any other use cases.