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Ability to view pending tasks in a simple viewing "Cockpit" style screen?


What I’m looking for is a "Cockpit" style screen layout that shows
due tasks by date, not underneath CTAs.  

At the moment I’m having to click on each
individual CTA to see its tasks and then look at when a task is due. I’d
ideally like it so I can view a simple list of individual tasks by overdue, due today, this
week, this month format. (with possibly the ability to click onto an overall  CTA link if I've opened the task for more details)I know we can produce this via report, but this isn’t a quick
click/view and requires edits plus the necessity to “run” it each time we need
fresh info.

Could this be something you might consider adding to product?  If someone else knows a way to already get a view like this, then please let me know.

Many thanks!

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I totally agree with Tony. This is a problem that we have as well. The visibility in Cockpit for Tasks' Due Date is time consuming due to the fact we need to open the CTA itself and them look for the relevant task.

This way we might miss tasks that needed to be done today/coming days.

We would like to have a way to see Due Dates of tasks.
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Thanks for the post, totally makes sense. We are working towards improving cockpit experience and will improve tasks due date visibility too. ETA to be decided.

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Love this suggestion!

Any ETA on where this is at? It would help my team adopt Gainsight and the Cockpit further. 
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Hi All,

We are thinking in the direction of adding a Task View and I would like to get your feedback on it. 
This will be a "Cockpit" style screen that shows just tasks, not underneath CTAs.

In this view you can -

1. See the list of tasks grouped, sorted, filtered by various attributes (similar to cockpit list view)
2. Add custom attributes in the task list view columns
3. Expand the task to view/ change task attribute values
4. Create inline tasks quickly instead of first creating a CTA and then a task under it. For creating inline tasks-
  • User has to enter account/ relationship and subject
  • Due date and owner will be auto-populated but can be changed
  • All other task attributes will be auto-populated
  • A CTA will be created automatically for the inline task, so these tasks will be visible in current cockpit view too
  • CTA name will be hyperlinked in the task

Please let us know your feedback on it.

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Hey Nitasha,
That would be great, that's exactly what the team are after!
Dare I ask about an ETA? I'm asking too much, aren't I?!
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Hi Sophie,

ETA is not decided yet, I will get back to you as soon as I have dates.

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Thanks Nitisha!
(So sorry I spelt your name wrong!!)
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No worries :) 
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Any chance it on a short term roadmap? We have users that are entering tasks in 2 different pieces of software due to concern about losing track of a task.
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This would be perfect! For our CSM's as well as our Director so they can at a glance see whats going on with the tasks. If the list view could be configurable as well, that would be icing on the cake!
Having a list that runs strictly from a TASKS Due Date would be Awesome. 
It's deceiving to look at Cockpit to see what Task to get ready for Tomorrow/Week
The only way I can get a direct lists of Tasks is to go to SFDC / Home. That kind of defeats that purpose of having Gainsight almost. 
Would be great to add a flag feature at the task level