*taps mic* - is this live? -- NOTE THE NEW GROUP NAME FOR API DISCUSSION!

  • 20 January 2023
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Welcome to a “new” discussion group focused on APIs and Gainsight if you just found your way here!

And for those of you who were already in this group after attending Pulse Academy Live 200 back in August, welcome to the new group name! (sent out an email to everybody about about 15 minutes before posting this)

Just wanted to re-iterate here for everybody that the focus of the group is ALL things API that may intersect with the daily life of a Gainisght Admin.  More particularly:

  • Using Gainsight’s APIs to allow data owners of other platforms/apps in your organization to push important CS-related data into your Gainsight instance,

  • Using Gainsight’s “External Actions” to push critical data being created/enriched in your Gainsight instance right back over to those other platforms at your organization via their APIs

  • More complex, API-to-API flows?

  • And yes, using External Actions to write data back into your own Gainsight instance with Rules Engine as a workaround when needed to update Gainsight objects that don’t yet have their own Rule Action, such as updating existing CTAs, or Success Plans*

There will be a mix of us here from Gainsight with Solutions Architect or other customer-facing technical roles like mine, as well as interested people from the Product Team, so we can learn about what Gainsight Admins are doing in terms of leveraging APIs, and so we can jump in with questions or answers when possible.

Look forward to seeing what you are doing or what information you need to make them work better for you!


Scott Drost
Principal Customer Success Architect


  * GUESS WHAT - the re-vamped rules engine will be available to everyone after 1st week of February as a beta option to use alongside the Bionic Rules - and it includes new Rules Actions to update CTAs and Success Plans - I will post separately here with some screenshots as proof for the skeptical, but I’ve been using it in my test org and will give you my thoughts - but you won’t need External Actions as a frequent workaround for that soon!

10 replies

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Please tell me this is for all of gainsight and not skipping PX

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Tagging in @sdrostgainsightcom for the above query.

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Congrats on the renewed initiative! 

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@lpicone Feel free to dig into the PX API here, too! :-)

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Happy to see more
API information
What will be in store?

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Love seeing the interest here across the board!  And looking forward to seeing this become a valuable forum for Gainsight admins working with data owners in their orgs to connect!

For @lpicone , yes, please, bring on any discussion or questions related to the PX side of the platform you have!  It’s a great “keeping us honest” reminder for me as a long-timer at Gainsight that it has evolved into a platform from “just” an app, so discussion around universal work faced by any platform admin (APIs, integrations, notifications) really has to be able to branch down to any or all of CS, PX, Insided, and more going forward.

Does this mean I will have to tackle some of my PX-focused colleagues for when a thread heads that way?  Yep!

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I’d love to tell you that I had a pre-prepped string of posts ready to roll, @bradley , but in part, want to see where the discussion begins to go rather than trying to direct it from our side -- that said, have a couple items I want to get out there in the coming days:

  • An FYI item around the about-to-be-released Horizon Rules Engine beta -- the “Update CTAs/Success Plans” actions finally arrive with this new Rules UX!
    • Relevant to this group since using External Actions to update CTAs and Success Plans via API because you couldn’t do it with Rules Engine will no longer be a necessary evil, and will free up time for other API fun!
  • Going to start a thread about the “API vs. S3 Bucket” pros-and-cons discussion that I just had with a customer - and it’s a never-ending conversation.  On any given day, I feel I could argue either side and would love to get input from a range of people here!

I’ll get those rolling tomorrow or early next week and we’ll go from there!

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@sdrostgainsightcom  Thank you for starting this thread. We are currently only using PX, but hope NXT is in our future.


I have a use case I’d love some feedback on if anyone can offer suggestions. Is this the forum for that?

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@JPKelliher if it’s API related, you’re in the right place! Just post it as a new topic in this 'Calling API Callers' Group, instead of a comment on this thread, so that people are more likely to see it.

If it’s not related to the API, then instead of us API nerds seeing your post, you’ll want a wide swath of customers to see it, so you’d want to post in the overall PX discussion forum.

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wanted to make sure you were connected by joining this group @Sania Ahmed :)