Has anyone successfully created dependencies between JO, DD and rules?

  • 18 September 2023
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I’m looking for ways to chain runs in different GS features. For example, run a program only when a DD has been completed, or run a rule only when the program is completed.

We have a use case where a DD is used to create and publish a dataset, and then a program uses the dataset to create participants in a JO, and then a rule complements the program when participants fall off the program that day.

If the DD fails to run or expires without us noticing, then the program and rule go out with incorrect data. 

I have been looking at the events framework but that appears to be mostly suited for external triggers. 

Has anyone created internal triggers so that one event in Gainsight triggers another?




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@jivanova  We do not have your exact scenario to include a JO send but we have created a process where a DD run triggers a Rule. 

The DD runs every three hours and is configured to export the results to our S3 bucket using a specific file name.  The first task in the Rule was configured using the S3 Dataset option with the source matching the DD export file name.  This way, when the DD exports the completed data set, the rule picks up the file and initiates the Rule process.  The good thing is that if the DD refresh fails, the rule will not run.    This is a super high level explanation so I would be happy to share details, if needed.  

There is an option in JO to create a source based on a custom Event that may help you get the rest of the way: