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  • 5 December 2022
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Hello Admins! I want to hear from all of you.  

Do you have a mentor or influencer that has helped you along your admin journey? If so, tell us one important thing you learned from them?  

If not, and you’re searching for a mentor relationship to help you with your admin journey, use this link to get started in the CS Ops Mentoring program: (pro tip: mentors are most eager to help when they know what they can help you with, so send them a request with a few specifics or examples)


1 reply

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I drew some tremendous inspiration from my Salesforce administrators along the way, and have these two gems to share:

  • Say “No” more often. It’s OK to say “No” and “Not Yet” to stakeholders.
  • Have your stakeholders share the problem they are trying to solve, and you as a tech stack leader can ask good questions to dig into the problem they are trying to solve. You do not automatically have to build the tactical solution they propose to solve their problem.

TL;DR: Ask “WHY” a lot more, so you’re a learner, advisor and expert; beware the trap of becoming just an order-taker.