Value Milestones Will Change How You Think About Value

  • 18 August 2022
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🛑STOP READING THIS if don't care about #value for your company or your customers. This won't be helpful. 🛑

If you do care, this post will revolutionize how you think about value delivery. Who has encountered the following:

1) A company thinks they are customer-centric but aren't (we all know or work for these companies)😬 

2) Unconsciously or consciously tracking value delivery exclusively for the customer which has led to a "Yes" culture (hint: a party is missing here)

3) An uphill battle proving the value of CS 🌋

That's why we need... 🤩Value Milestones🤩

#ValueMilestones: the intersection where vendor and customer BOTH realize value.

By focusing on Value Milestones we remove the polarization of the industry that companies are either customer-centric or not. A #profitable middle ground is created where companies are able to focus on mutual value realization. 💰

This is why focusing on Value Milestones (where both parties see value) is the next evolution in Customer Success strategies.

If you want tips on how to get started with Value Milestones follow me on LI and keep an eye out for

 🦄 Demystifying #CS: Part 5 🦄

Preview: Value Milestones are when both parties realize value BUT the value realized may be different for each party. 🤯

1 reply

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Thank you @LizLee2022 for taking time to share your insights here. We are definitely counting on CS leaders like you for the next phase for the GameChanger Community.