Treasuring Pulse moments here - tell us yours!

  • 23 August 2022
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I feel you. I’m already missing the moments we had together -- learning, having fun, and just enjoying each others’ company!

So, Instead of waiting around for another year of Pulse to happen, let’s recreate them here by sharing our favorite moments from it.

It could be anything like:

  • An ‘aha moment’ that you’ve taken back to your work
  • Your favorite moment at the Puppy booth
  • A new friend(s) you made at Pulse
  • Which of our snacks you loved
  • The funniest moment you can remember
  • Your highlights from the virtual experience 
  • A session that made you laugh and learn at the same time
  • Share a word of appreciation to someone

I’m sharing my favorite ones below! 👇
Let’s share and revisit our favorites!

3 replies

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Well, virtual or IRL, it’s hard to top #NedSaaso 😂


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How great was Geoffrey Moore’s quip about how the person who acquires a drill isn’t buying a drill, but is buying the holes a drill can make?

I’ve heard that particular moment referenced several times over. Great and memorable idea that reinforces how customers don’t care about our product so much as they care about the outcomes our product empowers.


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Wow… that’s so true.

And is this pic a personal DIY moment @matthew_lind ? :)