• 28 July 2022
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Please use this blog post as a place to discuss your thoughts on the sessions and topics covered on the topics covered in our three keynotes.

What did you find the most inspiring?



During the day 1 opening keynote you'll uncover trends in Customer Success and Product, hear from business management expert Geoffrey Moore, and catch panels of CPOs, CROs, and CEOs.

On day 2, the product team will unveil incredible product enhancements that change the game of customer-centricity.

We'll close day 2 with a fireside chat with the CEO of Box, a panel conversation with Community leaders, and a surprise keynote speaker!

3 replies

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"Complexity is the enemy of scale" -Jim Roth, Salesforce

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#Pulse2022 #PLG #Keynote



Thanks for bringing this beautiful keynote moment back to the Community @Ravinder Singh.

Personal full circle panel discussion session this between Gainsight, my current co. and BMC Software, my past co., and the fact that I have been building communities for both the co.s!

Community Management itself is like hosting one Massive panel discussion. 

sweet #Pulse2022 serendipity 😍