• 28 June 2022
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Please use this blog post as a place to discuss your thoughts on the sessions and topics covered in the track 'Success with Product-led Strategies'. What did you find the most inspiring?


Join us for a full day of content intended to cover multiple product-led strategies that are being embraced by product leaders at multiple companies. Get inspired by some of the brightest minds in product who are using product analytics, in-product engagement, and community engagement to generate pipeline, acquire customers, drive adoption and expansion, and influence roadmap strategy.

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Thank you Vince Bohner from Autodesk for sharing so much detail about closing the Say - Do gap!

My personal key takeaways from the session:
Capture what end-users SAY

- Using PX engagements, targeting the JOB that the customer is trying to complete allows them to effectively self-onboard with the help of a Guide.

- Capture feedback in the moment to get the most authentic sentiment from the end-user. Send that feedback to the right person on the company side for quick actions and creating targeted roadmap decisions.

- Emphasis on closing the loop!


What end-users DO

- Use data to understand how end-users actually use your product to continuously make improvements within the software.

- Review the data and feature adoption, is the path the user takes the most efficient or productive path?
Then engage! "We notice you this feature, but not this one - try out this feature!"

"We notice you use the undo button a lot in this part of the tool, did you know there was a different path you can take to improve efficiency? Try it out here!"

- Use PX and turn those insights into action! (Also echoed in Avid’s session)



- What KPIs are measured? -- Whether decisions were made; in developing data products, the ultimate KPI is whether the customer's behavior has changed. Are they more efficient? Are they now more productive? 

Define those outcomes - work off of a hypothesis (example quotes above) and measure the change in behavior in the next 30-60 days.


- How frequently do you deploy engagements so as not to overwhelm your users? -- They have built "toxicity rules", to learn if people are annoyed by engagements through submitted feedback. Make sure you're targeting specific users. Collaborate with the marketing team to understand industry standards.


- Can you elaborate how you send sentiment engagement with on-premises products? -- With PX, you have the ability to integrate PX with a Desktop solution. It's so great to be able to connect with the customers using Engagements without having to wait for development cycles.

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Wow, this is amazing. Thank you for sharing on here @sgage 🙌🏼

Tagging the speaker ⭐️ @vincebohner on your behalf, so the speaker can see your great takeaways from their session too.