Pulse wrapped - celebrating 10 years of Pulse!

  • 12 May 2023
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Pulse wrapped - celebrating 10 years of Pulse!
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Did you know that Pulse 2023 is our 10th year of Pulse? 🤯


Not only has Pulse continued to be part of our lives over many years now, it’s created a truckload of memories to hold onto forever! 

From meeting and learning from different people, to puppy adoptions, to a Taylor Swift impersonator (or maybe not? 😉), Vanilla Ice taking the stage, music parodies and so much more!


So, we put together this trip down memory lane so we all can step into this year’s Pulse even more fired up, and closer together🤝🏽


I have to admit, I was really looking forward to the shoe count of  @nick_mehta 😉


I’m sure you’ve all had some really lovely memories from Pulse too!

Would love to hear them from you! 👇


Don’t forget to have a wonderful time at Pulse 2023! ♥️

4 replies

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That’s some infographic!

Great stuff @revathimenon, @bzanjani and creative team for making this happen through the thick of pre-conference action… some enviable milestones indeed!🕺🏻

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WOW! This is crazzyyy 🎉 

I will never forget the minute Vanilla Ice came onstage. Epic. 

Hi @revathimenon  I have attended Pulse 2023, from where I can access Keynote & Breakout Session slide deck.