Looking for referenced article on Adobe community impact when shutdown

  • 19 May 2023
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In the Gainsight PULSE community sessions, which focussed on the Salesforce trailblazer discussion presented by Christina Fidura from Salesforce, there was a reference re what happened when Adobe pulled the plug on their community.

Any guidance where I might be able to read up on that please? 

thank you!

4 replies

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Hi @evey, Moving this discussion to our All About Pulse space, where all of our Pulse related discussions happen.

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Say more about when ‘n where you heard this, @evey ? This doesn’t fit the description of any of the sessions in Track 4 about Communities… 🤔

Hi apologies for delay, it was referenced in this session by Christina -

Thanks in advance :)


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Aha! Pulse Europe 2022! Sorry, my brain was fully in Pulse US 2023 😄 I’ll shoot out a note internally and see if we can dig anything up.