Insights from Pulse 2023: Verified Outcomes and Growth Mindset

  • 22 May 2023
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As a first time Pulse attendee, I have to say that Pulse did not disappoint! It was a jam packed week of sessions, customer meetings, meet and greets, Pulse puppies, etc. As a first time speaker for the CSM track (“Verified Outcomes and Success Plans”), I was able to witness the magic of Pulse in person! A few notes from my session that I spoke on: 

  • Do you currently have a value framework program at your company? If not, you can still apply the key parts of the “Outcomes Hypothesis” to help customers quickly identify and achieve value with your company. 
  • Understanding our customer’s key value drivers (business challenges they are trying to solve for) is so essential. At Gainsight, we found that our customer’s with at least 1 verified outcome at 3 months prior to renewal had 30% higher GRR than customers without verified outcomes. 
  • As CSMs, can we look at our BOB and identify each of our customer’s value drivers
    • Value realization programs are designed to help you define how you are going to provide value to your customer and to help ensure continuous renewal.


Last takeaway from Pulse 2023: Growth mindset. In the opening keynote, Nick Mehta shared a slide on the Fixed Mindset versus the Growth mindset. Prior to Pulse, I could not have imagined that I would have been a first time track leader, first time Pulse speaker, first time Pulse attendee, etc. Gainsight’s Pulse conference was an event that I have had my CSM eye on prior to joining Gainsight. All this to say, there have been a lot of changes in the past year. I was reminded at Pulse that challenges are opportunities for growth. Let’s lean into these changes together, learn new skills/processes, and view these moments as opportunities for growth!

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